Fashionable jewelry you can do yourself

Stylish and original handmade jewelry gradually replaced expensive jewelry, transferring them to the category of status ones. Homemade earrings, bracelets, necklaces perfectly complement everyday and holiday dresses.

Master classes with photos will clearly show how to make fashion jewelry with your own hands from improvised materials.

Fashion jewelry in 2020

The main trends in jewelry in 2020-2021. – massiveness, geometric shape, conciseness, floral motifs, natural colors.

Actual improvised material – fabric, threads, leather, ribbons, beads, beads, shells. Jewelry from threads occupy a special place. With their own hands they make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants.

The pearl is still fashionable, you can make modest everyday beads or a chic necklace with it yourself. Young extravagant ladies will like fashionable jewelry made of leather embroidered with beads.

Trends in 2020 are large long bead earrings, brushes made of threads, chains or beads.

The trend of the season is asymmetric earrings. One may be long or massive, the other small. One earring has come into fashion. The larger it is, the more interesting the image will be.

This season you can realize the most daring ideas in hand jewelry. In 2020, wide bracelets made of leather with their own hands are in fashion. They are worn not only on the wrist, but also on the upper part of the arm.

Stylish DIY jewelry for beginners

To look stylish, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money and time in search of jewelry that suits you. Jewelry can be made with your own hands. Everything you need can be found in specialized stores. All that remains is to go through a step-by-step master class for beginner needlewomen. Start with easy-to-make jewelry.

Bead bracelet

  • To make a bracelet you will need:
    • threads, needle,
    • beads,
    • metal button,
    • leather lace with a diameter of 2 mm and a length of about 1.5 m,
    • glue, office clothespin.

Decoration technology

  1. Put a button on the leather lace and fold it in half, aligning the ends. Tie a knot under the button, but do not tighten it. Insert a thick thread into the needle (it should be slightly longer than the lace), fold it in half, thread it into a knot and tighten it as tight as possible.
    1. 2. Apply glue to the assembly and wrap the thread around it so that it adheres well.
    1. 3. Pass the thread under its right side, string the first bead on it, then pull the thread under the left drawstring and tighten.
    1. 4. Put on the next bead and pull the thread under the right cord again. String the beads in this way along the entire length of the bracelet.
    1. 5. When 10-15 cm remain to the end of the lace, fasten the thread so that the bracelet does not open. To do this, wrap it around the laces, glue and carefully trim the ends.
    1. 6. Connect the laces and tie the knot. Try on the size of a button and tie another knot, making a loop in this way.
    1. The bracelet is wound on the arm in several rows and secured with a loop worn on a button. Strass Cord Set

Strass earrings and a bracelet

Earrings and a bracelet from a strass cord will become an original addition to the festive bow.


  • Prepare strass cords,
    • a coil of wire with a memory effect,
    • trailer (diameter 6 mm),
    • two pins (pins), ear hooks.

Earring assembly technology:

  1. Make two identical segments of the cord (the length depends on the diameter of future earrings).
  2. Take a pin, clamp the loop with pliers, bend the rod 90 degrees. Then bend it in the middle in the opposite direction. The resulting design in appearance should resemble a hanger with a loop in the middle.
  3. Insert one tip of the bent pin into the cord, apply a few drops of glue to it and put the other end of the cord on the other end of the pin. Squeeze the edges firmly and hold it so that the cord sticks together.
  4. Using a pair of flat-nose pliers, rotate the loop 90 degrees, bend the fastener on the stud, hang the earring on it, and clamp the loop again.

The bracelet is made in the same way:

Take a memorial wire with a length of six turns and make a loop from one edge with pliers.

On the edge of the strass cord, put on a trailer, through it begin to stretch the wire inward from the edge where there is no loop.

When the cord is fully worn on the wire, cut the remainder, leaving 1 cm to form a loop.

Pull the second end onto the end of the cord and make a loop. The bracelet in several turns is ready.