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 Meet Grantie Anne

As a world class enthusiastic encourager of people who say 'I can't do that', Grantie Anne will guide you through a group class to paint a picture, make a mosiac or jewelry or paint on glassware.

Grantie Anne takes pride in sharing her twisty sense of humor and positive attitude every day. With years of experience as a corporate trainer, she will walk you through each step to help you or get you started and get out of the way.

The term 'Grantie' is a shortened version of 'Great Aunt'. Not [yet] a Granny, Anne has 7 greatbabies (her sister's grandchildren) and loves them like crazy. She thinks all 'Great Aunts' should be called Grantie. The Great Uncles haven't warmed up to Gruncle yet, but oh well.